How do I add a PDF or JPG document to a product Page?

You can put extra information on your products such as technical specification, size chart, operating instructions on any product page. You can insert a PDF icon which links to the appropriate PDF for that product. For products which have PDFs associated with them you will need to copy up the PDF using FTP. You can have a different PDF document for each product by putting the name of the PDF document in PAM. This will need some design work to fit it in correctly in your product page.

> Please Note that files uploaded with this method should not exceed 500 KB

Step 1: Create an attribute in PAM.
Give the field a meaningful name and ensure the attribute type is set to string.
Put the name of the PDF file into the attribute field you just created in PAM.
Be sure to click commit changes in PAM

Step 2: Map the PAM field to customtext field

  • Open Nsc Sync
    Left click on Configuration.
    Left click on Field Mappings
    Right click on Item
    Choose add field, then Standard RMS field
    For remote field name, enter product_weblinxcustomtextx (where x is an available custom text field. x can be numbers 1-10)
    For field source, enter: nitroasl_pamtable.mypamfieldname(where mypamfieldname is the what you name your newly created pam field)
    Left click on validate, then ok
    Synchronize your webstore

Step 3: Copy your PDF files to the webstore:
Connect using FTP
Create a directory called pdf under the themes directory
Copy your pdf files up there

Step 4 Add the nitroscript,css and HTML code to your product page template.

  {if (product['product_weblinxcustomtext6'] gt '1')}
    <div class="simpleTabsContent">
      <img src="{SITE_PATH}/themes/pdf/{product['product_weblinxcustomtext6']}" alt="Size Chart" class="size-chart">
You'll need appropriate css to position the class = Size-chart.

You will need to contact Customer Services to help you with these steps.