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Hidden Items in WebStore

I have items that are not visible in the navigation panels on our store, however the item is still searchable in the search bar. Just wondering if there’s a way to also make it hidden from searching and can only be accessible via direct link?


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Hi Stephen,

The best way to do this is to create a new boolean field in PAM and call it ‘hidden’. This will allow you to select which items to hide. Then we need to send this information to the webstore.
In NScSync (server version in your case) you will need to navigate to the field mappings, open the product table and create a new field called product_hidden and add your new field from PAM into the open window. To be more precise you can input nitroasl_pamtable.hidden
Once you synchronize the items that were marked as True in PAM should remain hidden from search. If you need any assistance please open up a ticket on our portal and the support team will assist you.


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@peter_szczepanowski does this require any server configuration, or is the ‘product_hidden’ field available by default to all clients? And how broad is the scope of the ‘hidden’ property?

It sounds like a perfect way to sync items for preparing extra content (like tabs / accessories / add-ons) when the product is still under embargo, providing the product remains hidden from Google feed / FactFinder search / Listing pages?

Regards, Gareth

Hi @gareth

This functionality doesn’t require any additional config. Just a field in PAM and potentially a new mapping like listed above.

The items will remain hidden also from FactFinder and any marketplace feeds (this includes Google).