Free Shipping coupon for preferred customers for orders over a certain $ amount, for specific RMS categories and date range

I understand how I can create a free shipping rule for orders over $100. I understand I can create a promo coupon for a specific categories for a certain date range on product. However, I want to send a coupon offer to preferred customers where they get Free shipping on orders over $100 for a 5 day period only on parts, accessories and clothing in specific RMS categories. I want to exclude oversized imtes in categories like bikes, car racks, etc, because those obviously cost more to ship. How do I integrate these two features or can’t I?

If you set product_customtext1 (via field mappings) to read ‘Heavy’ for these heavy items, you can add a condition to the coupon as below, which prevents the coupon applying to those items:

To date restrict you can add an end date for a coupon via the restrictions tab as below:

Could you please clarify the date restriction screen? The second screen shot is identical to the first.

There are now Video Tutorials available on the NitroSell YouTube channel; one if which covers Web Coupons or Promo Codes specifically.

See: How to Use Web Coupons & Online Promo Codes | WebSell - YouTube

I understand how to use the Promo codes, but would like to have a third option besides “amount off” and “percentage off”. The problem with applying free shipping in the shipping rules is that all customers get it, not just the ones I want to send a coupon to for being preferred customers. Is this an option that can be created in web coupons by Nitrosell?