Filter Price by Slider

We have Price Filtering implemented at the moment using a range of price brackets under ‘Filtered Search’, but given the massive range of products we stock (from accessories for a couple of €s, to cameras for thousands) it’s tricky to choose universal price brackets that make sense in different product categories or departments.

For instance in some accessory categories it would be seem useful to split the bands every €25 up to about €300, but in compact camera categories that would result in only one or two models per bracket (at most) in some parts of the range

Has a range-slider UI ever been considered?

Generic range slider example

Of course if you wanted to go all-out you can mimic AirBnB’s histogram effect!

Fancy AirBnB range-slider with histogram

Ideally the max and minimum values would automatically match at the lowest and highest option in the existing department / category / brand, and obviously when the filter is updated they would just feed the variable values to the revised URL using the existing “/p_between_X_and_Y/” format (which I know can accept any integers for X or Y regardless of the filter brackets configured.

Hi Gareth,

We have plans afoot for a complete replacement of the search and filtered search features. I’m not sure if it’ll go this far; we can add it to the suggestion list.

The good news is it would most likely obviate the need for any third-party search services with a much more powerful and accurate built-in engine.

We can let you know when it goes ahead. It’s probably a few months out.


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