Enforce Minimum Order Amount!

Hello -

Is it possible to setup minimum order amount based on shipping method?

We have a need for the following setup to enforce minimum amount on our webstore

  1. Local Delivery - Enforce Minimum Amount to $50
  2. Curb Side pickup - Enforice Minimum Amount to $20
  3. Shipping - Fedex / UPS - Enforce Minimum amount to $10

Hi Animesh,

I think the best way to do that would be through shipping rules based on order total.
For example:
Order total less than 50 would remove Local delivery from shipping options.



Hi Peter –

Thanks for the suggestion. This could work but lot of our customers if they don’t see local delivery option, they simply select the one displayed. Is there anywhere else we can implement this logic other than shipping rules?

If not – is It possible to add a BOLD COMMENT IN RED near the shipping method section of check out page – that indicates minimum order amounts.

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Adding logic to the checkout page can be very tricky because there are many moving parts (quite literally because we need to refresh sections of checkout on some changes). Displaying extra information should be fine, please open up a ticket with your exact wording, placement and styling suggestions and the support team will have that added for you.



Sounds good!

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