Display Extended Description field data using Carriage Return Line Feed

How to display the data in CRLF?
The data that is being pulled is being displayed in one line even though we enter the data in CRLF format for the Product.

We have not had luck with line breaks in RMS/PAM what we have done is wrapped the content in a CSS div and set a width. Setting the width of a div will wrap the lines within it giving you a paragraph like display.

I would also be interested in hearing if there is another method of doing this outside of the templates.

Hi Shri,

You can use HTML markup in your extended description


Brendan, that will be a lot of work when dealing with 3000+ products.

How are you guys doing this for Product Description on the Products Page? There we see everything displayed in CRLF even though i dont use html markup.

The code for that is.

{ifThereAre productdisplayfields} {forEach productdisplayfield}


{endForEach} {endIfThereAre}

What is the function n2lbr doing? I tried to apply the same function for other extended description, but it wouldn’t work.


Brendan, any update on the Line Breaks?
How do you do that currently using nl2br?

My understanding is that nl2br is putting in a line break before the productdisplayfield is posted. We rely on CSS to do our paragraph styling as we cannot go through our 20k+ products and add breaks.