Customizing a Responsive Template

What is the recommended way to customize a responsive template, should I convert it to a custom template first or edit the templates files directly in the responsive templates?


Hi Mathieu,

My name is Joe, I am a designer at NitroSell. I advise you take the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have a demostore set up on the responsive templates (this would be our beta branch).

  2. In the webstore manager, choose the Design and Content Tab and choose “Overall Design”, then from the list of Themes on the right, choose Custom Theme.

  3. You can now upload css files through your ftp client which will change the look and feel of your site.

  4. You can now also begin to edit the templates as you so wish - we use the bootstrap framework - and we recommend you stick to using bootstrap for front end development.

  5. Just a quick point, if you are currently in the process of having your store redesigned by the NitroSell design team, I do not recommend you make any design changes until they have finished doing their work.


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Thanks Joe, I will use custom theme then. Regards,