301 Redirect - Not Working


I can’t seem to create a 301 direct through the WSM:

I don’t have the option to enter a URL.

Do you know what I can do?


Hi Dan,

All the URLs’ in your store are at version 0. This is the legacy format and unfortunately we can not make redirects for these.

The solution is to change the URLs to a friendlier format. This will help you with SEO. For example, you could remove the ‘/store/search’ from the brand URLs.

After that you will be able to see ‘Brand’ in the drop down.

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Hi Belen,

How can we go forward an upgrade our URLs? I’d very much like to keep the word /store/search in the brand URLs. Is this possible?

Will anything else be disrupted?


Hi Dan,

Unfortunately if you want to change the URLs the system will not allow you to keep the words /store/ at the beginning of the URL. But the old versions will be automatically redirect to the new versions. So if a customer has bookmarked this URL: www.mystore/search/brand/mywonderfulbrand.html he will automatically redirect to www.mystore/brand/mywonderfulbrand.html with a 301 and the store will not be penalized by the search engine.

You can see this video to understand how the 301 redirects work:

And you can learn more about 301 redirects here

If you want to change the URLs yourself you will find a good explanation here. On the other hand if you’d like us to help you define the formats, open a ticket and our support team will be delighted to assist you.

Best regards,


Thanks for your reply. I’ll have a think about get back to you.

I don’t believe myself or my colleagues have access to submit tickets. Not sure if this is an error.


Hi Dan,

A ticket is completely unnecessary, sorry about that.

Which formats would you like us to implement, please? We’ll be happy to put them in place.


I need to check with my colleagues first and will get back to you next week.

Thank you,