Change Facebook 'Like' to 'Share'

I want to change the social buttons on my webstore - specifically the Facebook Like button. I think it would be more useful as a Share button, especially if it was integrated into our store blog pages.

Any help would be appreciated - spent an hour looking for somewhere to edit the code and had no luck!

Thanks in advance, mat

If you can generate the code you’d like to use via the Facebook developer site, Mat, we’d be happy to assist you with adding it to the appropriate template.

Let us know if you need assistance with this step.

Kind regards,

Hi Donagh.

Thanks for the reply. I have attached a text file with the code and instructions - I guess the easiest thing to do it change the ‘like’ button to a ‘share’ button across my entire site.

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

MatFacebook-share-code.txt (642 Bytes)

Hi Mat,

Hope you had a good Christmas! That code is in place now. You can see an example here:

Kind regards,

Hi Donogh.

Many thanks that’s great - However, my blog pages do not have the share button - have a look here…

Are you able to change these pages too please?

Cheers, mat

I’ve added it there for you as well, Mat.


Thanks for “sharing” this!!

To pick up the product link, I’ve made this change to the code sample provided: