Error with Facebook Url Debugger

Hi guys.

I am trying to post links from Facebook to my website, but I cannot get it to work correctly. I have checked the Facebook url debugger here Sharing Debugger - Facebook for Developers and get the following message with any page apart from my homepage ‘Error parsing input URL, no data was cached, or no data was scraped.’

Any ideas?

Here’s an example link to my website…

Thanks in advance!


Hi Mat,

@belen_ibanez wrote our Facebook Login feature. I’ve asked her to review this for you.

Sorry for the delay in responding with the Christmas vacation.

Kind regards,

Hi Mat,

I am investigating the issue. I will be reply as soon as we understand what is stopping Facebook to see your pages.

Best regards,

Hi Mat,

This is fixed now. The change we did in the server to increase the security was blocking ‘Facebook’. I tested several of your URLs and are working fine.

Best regards,