Cant process Orders in POS

Hi Guys

We have just received a order but the code is not in our database so we cant process the order in the POS
This product had a previous code of 118118 which is changed to 42236 and this is the code in the database.

6 Jan 2015
00:26:51 GMT 204-8582767-9862732
118118 Smiffy’s Retro Kit Tash & Wig
QTY: 1 ASIN: B004D6GATM SKU: 118118
Contact Buyer: may
Sales channel:

Hi David,

This is a little technical. If you’re not comfortable with it, we can assist directly.

We have a utility called Fix Orders, which is available here:

When you open it, it will display all the entries in your Exchange table, where downloaded web orders are stored. You can then open the affected order and edit the XML. In this case, you would obviously be changing the ID from 118118 to 42236.

Let us know if you need a hand.


Yea I think I leave it to the experts

@conor_harding: could you assist, please, Conor?

Hi David,

Are you available today or tomorrow morning?


Hi Conor

Tomorrow at 10 if that suits


Hi Conor free when you are