Automatic Repricer

Looks like Amazon Released their automatic re-pricer in Beta. To be blunt, there is a lot of finger work to make it WORK. If the Current API could work with it, Using nitrosell would make it easy.

Requested Fields:
-Minimum Price (per Item)
-Max Price (per Item)
-Rule name (per Item)

Those 3 fields would be all that was needed to get it to start working (Again, if the current API Allows it)


the Price Feed has the Min Price and the Max Price fields. If you need help with mapping PAM fields to these then holler.

I am unsure about the third - the Rule Name. Do you know what this refers to? Could you perhaps share the page/ document you saw this in? It might be that we already have that field ready to go.


“the Price Feed has the Min Price and the Max Price fields. If you need help with mapping PAM fields to these then holler.”

When you say there is a min max price what exactly are you referring to ? I want to “Match” Pricing but with the price when sync synchronizes again? How do I adjust pricing to become lowest? If changes are made in amazon seller central won’t they be overwritten when sync synchronizes again?

Hi John,

Essentially, the Amazon field definitions allow you to specify “min” and “max” pricing fields under the Price mappings. However, these are simply bounds and we’re not sure how Amazon handles them. (Amazon’s documentation for Seller Central is quite lacking unfortunately – they don’t even provide a sandbox environment for developers to test on; we had to set up a live account.)

With respect to automated re-pricing, that was originally planned for an Amazon Phase 3. However, there was not much demand and we focused on eBay instead (for which there is even less demand, ironically!).

I’m afraid that means, for now, you would need to go with a third-party. Hard to say with online reviews, but there is a “top 10” here:

And this seems pretty legit:

Obviously, we’re not endorsing it and we haven’t tested it ourselves.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

I see, so I’m taking it we would just map 2 PAM columns “Max Price” and “Min Price” to the existing defined fields for amazon? What are these fields?

Can you answer the quoted question?

After the initial upload, we only push data if it’s changed, e.g., if the price uploaded was $10 and the webstore/RMH remain at $10 we won’t re-upload it.

The exception to that is if you manually purge the cache on our side, which is usually unnecessary, and is a manual step.

Even if that were to happen, my impression is that repricing software normally checks very frequently. So long as RMH is using a “safe” price, you should be fine.