Assingning Amazon shipping options

Amazon now allows us to create multiple shipping templates and then assigning items individually to the different methods. My example is that most of my items are very small and light so I set a flat rate(item based) shipping of $1.75+.25 per item for those items, but I also have some very heavy items and have created a separate weight based shipping template of $5.00+0.50 a pound .

Is there a way to set up PAM to be able to assign the template or do I have to continue doing it item by item within Seller Central?

Hi @jim, you can use the weight mapping under the Product feed to tell Amazon how much your items weigh. That should affect the weight-based shipping methods you have set up on Seller Central.

Let us know if you need assistance!

Regarding shipping templates, we do not currently support setting that automatically via the API. We can certainly look into it for the next update to our integration.