Amazon 408. Amazon Shipping Template

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As all the Amazon Integration users among you are aware Amazon shipping is not very compatible with your POS. Up until now you you have used the Amazon Seller Central interface to generate shipping options for your products in Amazon. Now Amazon have introduced Shipping Templates.

Amazon Shipping Templates

Now you can set up various shipping methods in Amazon Seller Central. Amazon call these shipping templates. These templates specify how much and how long products will take to ship to various locations. You name these templates. The innovation that Amazon have created is that, once you have set up these templates, you can then assign the templates to products.

NitroSell Integration

Thanks to @bob on these forums for highlighting that you can use NitroSell PAM to assign Amazon Shipping Templates to products, map the PAM field through the Amazon Mapping Interface and have your Amazon products automagically use those templates without having to mess around in Seller Central.


  1. In Amazon Seller Central create the shipping templates that you wish to use. Write the names of these templates down somewhere easy to find;
  2. In NscPAM create a String field. Against each item that you want to assign an Amazon Shipping Template enter that template name (from that list in step 1);
  3. In NscSync map your PAM field to an unused marketplaceproduct field;
  4. In the WSM Amazon Mapping page use the find input to look for the MerchantShippingGroupName field. Map this to the productmarketplace field from step 3;
  5. The next time that the Amazon Sync goes off the Product Feed will trigger sending Amazon the Shipping Templates each of your products is to use. If you don’t have the patience for that, there is a button in the tools section allowing you to resend your Product Feed;