Amazon 101: Amazon Requirements

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The minimum requirements to use the NitroSell Amazon integration are as follows:

  1. A Professional Seller Account with your chosen Amazon marketplace. Signing up for a professional seller account is described here.
  2. Standard Identifying codes (ASIN, EAN, UPC) for the products you want to sell on Amazon;
  3. A understanding of your POS system including where you store information on your products in the system. Being comfortable with NSc Product Manager is a great help.
  4. The Amazon Integration is currently only available on the beta branch of our software (September 2014).

The following should be noted:
Your MWS Amazon credentials allow us to talk to Amazon on your behalf. Note that your Amazon credentials are Amazon marketplace specific, your Amazon seller account might be enabled on but not be enabled on

A webstore can only integrate with one Amazon marketplace. To sell on more than one Amazon marketplace you need an Amazon Seller Account for each marketplace and a NitroSell webstore for each Amazon marketplace.

If you meet these requirements proceed to this page.