All Products Page

All Products is a new WebStore Manager page where you can see the list of all your products, search for specific products, and display products based on filters.

All Products can be found in the WebStore Manager under Products dropdown list:

Clicking on the All Products tab will take you to a page where all of your products are listed in alphabetical order:

In the header you can find following elements:

1. Display options

The following product data is displayed by default on the All Products page:

  • Thumbnail;

  • Product Name;

  • Product Code;

  • Product Description.

The products on the page are sorted in the alphabetical order based on Product Name.

If you want to change what kind of product data is displayed, or sort using a different criteria, you can customize it by clicking on “Display Options” in the upper left corner:

There you can:

  • Add data to be displayed, e.g., brand, price, by checking the box next to it;

  • Remove data from the display by removing the check from the box next to it;

  • Choose what data you want to sort by by selecting it in the “Sorting” drop down list(s) on the right.

To save your changes click on the “Update” button on the right.

2. Show Filters

This option allows you to filter the products based on their:

  • Department;

  • Category;

  • Subcategory;

  • Brand;

by selecting the desired filter option from the dropdown list(s).

3. Show [number] products

By choosing the number from the dropdown list, you can set the number of products displayed per page.

4. Search function

In the right upper corner you can find the search box that enables you to search for products by keywords (found in either the product name, product code, or product description).

Product Details Page

From the All Products page, you can easily go to the Product Details page.

To do so, click on the name of the product you want to see:

This will redirect you to the page dedicated to the product:

For more information refer to the Product Details Page article.

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