Linking to the Result Pages of a Product Search

How can I manually link to the result pages of a product search? For example, on my home page, I’ve created a list of all the brands I have in stock. I’d like to create a link from the brand string (such as “Wilson”) to a list of all Wilson-branded items in my database (the same result pages as produced in a product search on “Wilson”).

For example, suppose you want to include the following text on your Home page:

Perform the following steps:

  1. In NSc WebStore Manager, under Design & Content, select Pages.

  2. Edit your Home page and create the desired text. To create a link to the search results for a particular brand, highlight the desired text on the page to be linked (for example, “Wilson”), then click the Insert Link button. Specify the Link URL as follows, substituting your store URL for myURL and the appropriate brand for wilson, for example: http://myURL/store/search.asp?keyword=wilson

  3. Click Insert, then click the Save button to save your changes.
    When you click the link on your Home page, the following page is displayed, which is identical to the search results for that string:

In addition, you can restrict the search to a particular department by using the following syntax, where deptID is set to the department name:

Similarly, to restrict your search to a particular category, use the following syntax, where categoryID is set to the category name:


Using Advanced Search Parameters
If you use advanced search (advsearch.asp), additional search options are available, as described in the following table:

For example, to use advanced search to link to a brand search for Nike products that are in stock and have pictures, and to hide the search options, link to the following:


To link to a search of products in department 10 (for example, kids), that are in stock and have pictures, enter the following:


For more information on advanced search, refer to Knowledge Base article #255, “Configuring Advanced Searches”.

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