Adding Units of Measure to your WebStore

The webstore can now draw down from the RMS database units of measure associated with each item. This article explains how to enable this on your webstore.

Adding Units of Measure to RMS
First we need to give each relevent item in the RMS database a unit of measure. RMS allows this field to be up to 4 characters long. You don’t have to do this for every item in the database, items without units of measure simply won’t have units of measure shown in the store. To find the field, open your RMS items window and use the inventory tab. The unit of measure field is as shown in the image below.

Passing the information to the webstore
Once we have told RMS what items have a unit of measure, we need to pass this information up to our webstore. This is done using NScSync.

  1. Left click the ‘Configuration’ button. Then left click ‘Field Mappings’.
  2. Open up the item table (this should be the first table in the list). Check if you are already using a field called product_weblinxcustomtext followed by a number. If you are using one of these fields then you will need to map your unit of measure to a different field to stop your webstore getting confused! There are 5 weblinxcustomtext fields so simply pick a number you are not already using. Write this down, we’ll need it later.
  3. Right click on white space in the field mappings list, this should open up a menu. You want to:
  • Add a field;
  • a standard RMS field;
  • this opens up a new window called Add Item field into ‘Remote Field Name’ put ‘product_weblinxcustomtext#’ where # is a number between 1 and 5;
  • into ‘Field Source’ put ‘item.ItemOfMeasure’;
  • press OK in the ‘Add Item’ window;
  • press OK in the ‘Configuration’ window;
  1. You are now ready to Synchronize your RMS and webstore. Click the ‘Synchronize’ button.

Telling the webstore to display units of measure
Open your webstore manager and select WebStore from the menu on the left. The Product tab opens.

  1. Near the bottom of this tab is the ‘Display unit of measure’ option.
    Click the checkbox ‘Display unit of measure’;
  2. Select the correct ‘product_weblinxcustomtext#’ from the drop down;
  3. Save.

Your reward
The unit of measure will display in your webstore in various places.

  1. The product screen:
  • after price;
  • after quantity;
  • after availablility.
  1. The Shopping cart shown in the side bar;
  2. The main shopping cart page (also known a the basket) after each quantity;
  3. On the checkout screen after each quantity;
  4. On the order confirmation email after each quantity;
  5. On the abandoned cart email after each quantity.