Add Product Video to Product page

I would like to add product video to the product page. What is the best way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance for guidance,
David Schueckler
The TreeHouse

Hi David,

We’d recommend using YouTube. You can find instructions in this post:


Greetings Donogh,

Let me apologize for my lack of knowledge in code…I sell toys:).

Anyways, I was trying to follow the suggested steps by andy on 10/19. He suggested storing the youTube video Id (ie. y-AtZfNU3zw) in a newly created PAM variable.

The code I added to the Product panel is as follows:

{if (product[‘product_weblinxcustomtext5’])}


Any help would be greatly appreciated

No worries David, you’re almost there!

When you add the new field in PAM, you need to ‘map’ the field to a corresponding one in your webstore’s database. Looking at your template, it seems you’re already using customtext5. That’s okay though, there are more available!

To do it yourself, you would need to go to File > Configuration in Sync, then Field Mappings, then right-click the item table and add new standard field. The source would be whatever you named the new PAM field and the value it maps to would be product_weblinxcustomtext6. Then it’s a matter of changing that code snippet you pasted to start with this instead:

{if (product['product_weblinxcustomtext6'])}

I’ve gone ahead and made that last change to your product page for you.

If you need help adding the new mapping, we can do that remotely for you but you will need to install the latest version of our software version first. (The newer versions enable us to edit your field mappings for you and push these changes down to your point-of-sale on the next sync.) You can find it here:

Once you have sync’d with the new software, let me know the PAM field name you’ve added, I’ll put the mapping in place and that should do it!

If this is all a bit much, I can ask the support team to give you a call tomorrow to assist.


Thanks in advance for your patience…

  1. I’ve installed the latest version, which looks fantastic
  2. I have changed the snippet to reflect {if (product[‘product_weblinxcustomtext6’])}.
  3. I mapped the product_weblinxcustomtext6 —> nitroasl_pamtable.PAMYouTube
  4. Sync’d

On a separate note, when looking at the Field Mapping I did not see the mapping for
weblinxcustomtext1 thru weblinxcustomtext5.

That’s it on this end.

Good stuff!

It all looks good from this end. Do you have an example product we could review, please?


I have added the embedded video code for the Teeter Popper-Green (FAO95-2) and Goldie Blox/Builder Survival (BT006). The data is now sync’d


Morning Donogh,

I checked the two items listed above this morning. How will the video appear on the product page?

I didn’t see the video or a link to click…As mentioned in a previous post, I have updated RMSSO (followed the link you provided-thx). I’ll be in the office today after my father’s retirement luncheon. After 67 years of gainful employment, has finally decided to retire.

Talk to you soon.

Hi David,

It seems the issue was the YouTube base URL was returning a 404. I’ve amended it to the following:

{if (product['product_weblinxcustomtext5'])}
<div class="video-iframe">
  <iframe width="640" height="390" src="{product['product_weblinxcustomtext6']}?rel=0" frameborder="0"

And it’s displaying correctly now:


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Evening Donogh,

PERFECT!!! Just what I was trying to achieve. Thank you again!

I also changed {if (product[‘product_weblinxcustomtext5’])} to {if (product[‘product_weblinxcustomtext6’])}

Make yourself a great day -

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Happy to help David, glad it worked out!