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Add employee application word document link?

We want to create an “Employment Opportunity” page to our website that contains a link to an employment application word document.

How would I go about doing this?

We occasionally host pdf files on the website for special offer T&Cs, which are uploaded by ftp and can then linked to in text. This is probably the easiest way for you to host the application form (which you’d be better doing as a fillable pdf rather than word document if you want consistent returns), but you might need to raise a ticket if you don’t already have ftp access set up.

The “Employment Opportunity” page itself could be a normal Content page created in your WSM - [YOUR url]/store/administration/content_manage.nsc

Thanks Gareth.

@mike3 you can also use our Form Builder to add forms to new content pages. You can learn more here: Form Builder Overview

Our design team can also take care of all of this for you, for a small fee. (CC @ciara.larkin)

Please do open a ticket if you need more specific support on it.

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