What is HPS PayPal Express


Under Payment Gateway Configuration, I’ve been trying to get some clarity on the difference between “PayPal - Website Payments Standard” (which we are currently using) and “HPS PayPal Express”

I’ve reached out to Heartland Payment Systems, Cash Register Express Level 1 and Level 2 support and they are not able to answer my questions. They claim that this is a NitroSell support subject and keep saying to ask NitroSell about this.

Can anyone tell me the difference between the two PayPal options?


Hey Milan,

Website Payments Standard is a standalone PayPal integration, which you can use with just a business PayPal account.

HPS PayPal Express is PayPal Express checkout but only for existing users of Heartland Payments (which you use for your credit card processing).

By the way, our Next Gen E-commerce platform, which we’re announcing shortly, will include support for “standalone” PayPal Express.

Kind regards,

Hi Donogh,

So I should be able to use the HPS PayPal Express integration since I’m a current HPS customer? Do you know of any other WebSell customers who are using this? Does it offer a more seamless checkout experience for our customers? Can I mass-upload tracking numbers to the PayPal orders with this integration?

Looking forward to learning more about the Next Gen platform.


Hi Milan,

Yes, absolutely you should be able to.

Not off the top of my head I’m afraid. If you’d like to open a ticket on it, the support team can check for you.

I believe it does simplify a couple of checkout steps. To be honest I haven’t used it myself.

I’m afraid none of our PayPal integrations currently uploads tracking info.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!!

Next Gen is very exciting for sure!

All the best,