PayPal service upgrades

We have received an email from PayPal (copy below) do we have to do anything within NitroSell to accommodate the change?

This upgrade is scheduled for 30/9/2015; however, we may need to change this date on short notice to you to align to the industry security standard.

You’re receiving this notification because you’ve been identified as a merchant who has used IPN endpoints within the past year. If you have not made the necessary changes, we urge you to do so right away to avoid a disruption of your service!

Because these changes are technical in nature, we advise that you consult with your individuals responsible for your PayPal integration. They will be able to identify what, if any, changes are needed. Please share this email and the hyperlinks below with your technical contact for evaluation.

Hi Mark,

What are the hyperlinks mentioned in the body of that text? We need more information regarding what changes are being made before we can advise.


Full technical details can be found in our Merchant Security System Upgrade Guide:

our tech-support-content-has-moved! Merchant Security System Upgrade Guide %28U.K. English%29.pdf

In addition, our 2015-2016 SSL Certificate Change microsite contains a schedule of our service upgrade plan:

Hi Conor,

Not sure if this is at all related, but one of my customers just let me know that for the past 2 days they are unable to process any returns to paypal. the error they are getting at checkout is as follows

“Failed to process payment: Sorry, either the amount that you are trying to refund is greater than the authorized amount OR you haven’t enabled the support for refund in your WebStore Manager!”

They used to be able to do this with no problem, please advise.

Thank you

Hi @isaac,

Please do you mind providing an order number so that we can look into this for you?


Order number is 1441406366.

Thank you

Has anyone else experienced Paypal issues today?

We’ve had a few customers contact us today advising that their payment is in a pending status, of sorts, and that the order has not been generated and the goods still residing in their cart.

Hopefully this is not related to the mentioned changes but does highlight the issue with not generating or storing the order prior to the payment being received. A better system might generate the order and place it on hold until payment can be confirmed, or acknowledged. This is already problematic with Paypal echeque payments as our customers do not receive an order confirmation and the items remain in their shopping carts.

Hello Franclin,

I just had a second customer call me that they are not able to process refunds with PayPal.

Thank you

@isaac Please do you mind processing another refund and let us know your feedback? Thanks.
@markb We have got that covered for you so you don’t need to do anything else. Thanks.
@andy We normally insert the orders only when the payment is confirmed and cleared. There is an option in the WebStore Manager where you can instruct us to immediate insert the order and not wait for the echecks to be cleared by Paypal. When the payment is eventually cleared by Paypal, they send us a notification also known as the IPN and at that point the order is generated and made available to you. It is therefore possible that for some reasons, it was never fired off by Paypal or even delayed. You can actually see the result of the communication (the HTTP response code) between Paypal and our servers in your IPN history in your account. If an order is missing, the obvious culprit would be to do with the IPN. Nonetheless, we will definitely be delighted to look into any possible issue with our Paypal integration. We will be grateful if you could supply some order numbers to help our investigation.

Thanks for your custom.


Hi Franklin,

The problem appeared to have resided with Paypal directly as there were complaints on the day from other retailers experiencing similar issues with payments being delayed if deducted from bank accounts. As it turns out it was nothing to do with Nitrosell.

That being said, it would still be nice and reassuring if we had transparency on orders that have been attempted, or those awaiting clearance or payment confirmation. At the moment customers do not receive any confirmation that an order has been placed for echeque payments which lets the system down. There’s also the odd payment received where the customer has not allowed the browser to return back to the website to generate the order. A list of pending orders might allow us to manually acknowledge the payment and complete that final step without having to interact with the customer to try and work out what they were intending to order, and would also allow us to see pending echeque orders without having to refer to Paypal notification emails about echeque payments.

Hi @andy ,

Thanks for your feedback. The problem with echeque payments is that they can be cancelled at any time by Paypal and like any other cheque it takes time to be cleared by respective banks involved in the transaction. This explains why customers are not getting a confirmation of their purchase as the processing is still ongoing.

We can provide a report page where such orders are displayed in the same fashion that we currently do for Amazon orders. However, unlike Amazon, Paypal has a massive drawback that we discussed in a separate ticket related to missing orders: they limit to 100 the numbers of orders to be returned by the TransactionSearch request. This can become an issue for busy stores.

Finally, with regard to the odd payment received where the customer has not being shown an order confirmation page, it is worth bearing in mind that there are actually two parallel processes happening behind the scene. In a concurrent environment like that, if we are not careful we can end up with orders not being inserted despite an order confirmation page being rendered to the customer and vice versa. We have already encountered that scenerio and it was dealt with in a dedicate ticket. As I said in my previous response, orders are only inserted when we receive an IPN request from Paypal and not when we displayed the order confirmation page. The problem with the order confirmation page is that it can take up to 10 seconds for Paypal to redirect the customer to the store and some customers are simply not willing to wait that long.

Hope this helps.