Web Coupon Requiring Charity Item

Web Coupon Requiring Charity Item

Tied in with the charity panel is a new restriction in the web coupons page. It is now possible to create a web coupon that requires the user of the web coupon to select an item from the charity panel on the checkout page.

Steps to set it up

  1. Create a Web Coupon as described here or select an already existing web coupon;
  2. On the restrictions tab of the web coupon tick the checkbox at the bottom titled ‘Using this coupon forces the user to pick an item from the charity panel’;
  3. Save the coupon;
  4. Test!
  • Ensure that the charity panel is populated with items that are in stock;
  • Ensure the charity panel is enabled (WSM->Marketing->Charity);
  • Ensure the charity panel is visible on the checkout;
  • Add an item to your basket;
  • Go to the checkout;
  • Enter the web coupon code;
  • Try to checkout without selecting a charity item (this step should fail);
  • Select a charity item;
  • Checkout again (it should work this time);
  • At your POS ensure that the charity item is present in the web order;
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What a great new feature. Thanks for adding!

I am trying to use the require charity donation with the use of the coupon code, but I do not see Requires charity donation box when creating the coupon code. Am I just missing it?

Hi Scott, we’ve rebuilt the coupon feature since but I will discuss this with our development team, if we can bring this option back.

Kind regards,

It is a custom feature that I paid for and was working. I just hadn’t used it yet. Now I want to start implementing it.I look forward to hearing back from you.

Is there a way to change the wording “show your support for one or more of these charities”? We’re just trying to add a free gift at checkout. thanks.

Hi Shannon,

This string can be found in Edit Templates under “Checkout > Charity Panel”. Append this to your base store URL to see the template (assuming it’s on the responsive templates):