Custom Charity Donation

We are happy to introduce improved functionality of our charity panel. It’s called Custom Charity Donation. From now you can allow your customers to choose their own amount of money that they want to donate for charity.

  1. Add new item

To enable new functionality first you have to add new item in your POS system. It will be added to the basket when customer will choose to do a custom donation. Remember that it’s name will be displayed in the basket for the customer. We recommend to set the new item price to 0.00. Product should also be available in stock. When an order with Custom Charity Donation item will be placed this value will be overwritten by the amount provided by customer.

  1. Assign new item in WSM

There is an update in the charity panel in the WebStore Manager. Go to “Charity” panel under the “Marketing” tab

You will see new section called “Custom Donation”

On the search panel find the item that you added in step 1 and select it

The item will be added to the section on the left. Press “Save”

  1. Checkout page

Changes you applied would be visible on checkout page in Chearity Panel section. New option called by default “Other amount” will be displayed

When a customer clicks on the checkbox an input field will be displayed

It allows a customer to enter the value he or she wants and adds this new item to the basket

On the Order Confirmation Page, the customer will see an item being added to his or her order