Restrict access to department

I am setting up an entire department of products, and would like to have it all set up before it is viewable to everyone. is it possible to restrict viewing a particular department to admin only?
I see there is a setting in WSM for this, or an alternative?

Hi Angela,

We do not currently offer such fine-grained control – you can restrict access to the entire store to registered customers only, but not individual departments / categories / subcategories.

As an alternative, you might consider setting up a sandbox site with us to test changes like that on a separate URL that’s not publicly indexed on search engines. Please open a ticket on this if you’d like to proceed.


Hi, thanks Donogh, we have a sandbox site, but is populated by the same database, if I am understanding correctly… is it possible to have it point to a duplicate database?

It certainly is, Angela. You could also have it use a second WebItem attribute in PAM, so you could separately control which items are uploaded to the sandbox store.

That sounds perfect! How do we make this happen? Would I be using the same PAM? - Sorry for my lack of understanding… very gradually getting to grips with all of this!

CC support: @peter_szczepanowski, @jan_sandorski, @conor_harding, @sebastian_lewandowsk, @vito_delarosa: could one of you assist Angela in setting this up, please?