Is there an easy way to limit order quanitites for specific sale items?

Hi guys.

Is it possible to limit the purchasable quantity (per order) for a specific sale item or items? How might this be achieved?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Andy,

The closest feature we have is the ability to limit promo codes by customer. Perhaps you could adapt that by offering a special promo code for that item to reduce its base price.

I guess that’s not ideal. If you like, we can supply a quote to develop it, or we can add it as a roadmap suggestion.


Is it possible to limit the overall purchase quantity on Matrix items? For example, define quantities for the entire Matrix item instead of each dimension individually?

Hi Johnny,

No, you cannot limit the quantities for the whole matrix automatically but you could easily do that for all the components by using filters in PAM.

To enable that option you need to open your webstore manager and under ‘all settings’ find ‘Set Maximum Purchase Quantity’ and enable the option.

This would also require you to create a PAM attribute to control the number of items that you allow for a single purchase and map it in the sync.

Please let me know if you need assistance doing this so we could schedule a remote session.