Reorder Blog Posts


I’d like to reorder our stores Blog posts so the most recent post appears first. It looks like the articles are currently set to appear in alpha order. Please advise on how to change this.

Thank you!

Hello Michelle,

your blog articles appear in chronological order on blog landing page but you may change the way they appear under Store navigation menu (from alphabetical to chronological) by replacing DYNAMIC_BLOGCATEGORY_INCLUDING_ARTICLES section with links to blog articles selected manually from the ‘Article’ tab under Blog Content section in Store_navigation menu.

You’ll find many useful tips regarding Menu builder in this forum article. In case you need further assistance, do not hesitate to open up a support ticket here.

Kind regards,


Thank you Paulina!

Just to clarify, I can’t change the order they appear, (they’re always going to be in chronological order) I can only change which articles appear? I’d like all of them to appear just based on date created.


You can’t change the order of your blog articles on the blog landing page unless you change the Published date in the content editor (you may find more info here) but you may re-order the way they appear in your store navigation menu using our Menu builder feature.