Pinterest Pin It button intermittantly doesn't work

Very often when customers try and use the pin it button they are greeted with a “can not fetch photo” message. Any ideas as to what would cause this? We’ve tested it ourselves and have replicated it. . . intermittently.

We have also experienced this! I’m watching this thread…

@belen_ibanez: would you mind reviewing this when you get a chance, please? Maybe there’s a new way to integrate Pinterest that we could explore.


Any news on this? If it’s not going to work than why offer it as a feature?

@belen_ibanez any updates, please, Belén?


I am investigating the issue.

@jim, @cynthia could you give some examples?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jim,

Could you give me the link to the product so I can do some test?

Thanks in advance,

Pick any item on my website. I just tried 20 random items and none worked.

Hi Jim,

I added Rich Pins to your headers and the images had the wrong URL but it is fixed now. You can see more information about Rich Pins here.

Hi Belen,

Will it take time to go into effect? I just tried several and they still don’t work.

Hi Jim,

Might it be a cache issue? I could see the images right after the change. It is working fine for me now too. Are you able to see the images?

No, I still don’t. I’ve tried using 3 different computers(pc and mac), 3 different browsers and 2 different pinterest accounts and unsuccessful on all of them. I’ve also cleared the cache.

Hi Jim,

I can see the images without trouble so my guess is that it depends on the server. We have updated the meta tags to take the domain of the image URL too but it is only in the ‘beta’ branch. Do you want to upgrade your store to ‘beta’?

Could you copy the HTML of the button as well as the meta tags when it is not working? (Here you can see how to get ‘View Page Source’. Inside search for ‘social’ to find the button HTML and for ‘og:’ to find the meta tags.

Can you see the pinterest in this link?

The buttons might need to be updated too. @james_mcging will help you with this part.

@cynthia are you still experiencing this issue?

Yes, I can see the Pinterest and successfully pinned it using your link

baubles.txt (31.9 KB)

It’s fine to switch us to Beta

Hi Belen,
Not sure if we’ve been switched to Beta yet, but it’s still not working.

@cynthia could you share a link to a product on your site where the pinterest button isn’t working please?

BTW, mine appears to be working now!