PFS problems on beta branch that had been fixed on previous branch

(I have tried 3 times to raise the following as a ticket on the portal but each time getting 408 error).


We upgraded to beta branch a couple of days ago as some dev was done for us and its only available on beta.

However we are having significant issues with our PFS as follows:

  1. INTERMITTENTLY the ticked filter option in the filter panel is NOT the same as the filter option that was applied and that the results are for. - see attached photo 1 for example.

  2. INTERMITTENTLY it is showing ALL filter groups on a given department, not the ones that are supposed to be on that department - see attached photo 2 as example.

  3. It is incredibly easy to get a 404 error when using filters - just by turning them on and off and it ends up trying to find

  4. It is also easy to just get dumped out to the homepage when turning filters on and off again.

  5. If you in a department, apply a filter then turn the filter off it is not returning to the department page and instead it gives you a filter page for that department - so you don’t get any content you’ve applied for that department.

  6. When you are using filters in a department you can clear the filter for that department and then it shows you site wide results which is wrong - you shouldn’t be able to turn off the department filter.

These are all issues that we initially had 18 months ago on our early adopters branch but they were fixed. Whats the status of this on beta, as its a pretty rubbish user experience?