Creating Temporary Filters on Search Page (Until They're Fixed)

Hey guys,

We are going live tomorrow, and our search page is unusable without filters. Is there a way (paid or not paid) that we can get a temporary set of filters on our search results page? If I’m not mistaken, they are currently disabled on your end pending a revision.

If you have nothing for me, can you please tell me the parameters that I can use to filter the results on the search page, and how I can implement them.

I currently have no reference other than the Department, Category & Subcategory pages’ filters. I think the Search page(s) use a different URL to conduct sorting and filtering, thus these filters are not very good to me.

I would be happy if I could populate the filters in my sidebar with the Departments, Categories & Subcategories that are listed in the Search results. However, I don’t know how I can access those values if the products are not listed on the first page of results…

Please help- thanks.

Hey Derek,

As per this thread: Persistent Filtered Search on Brand Pages

support for filters on search / brand / theme pages was removed. With the feature disabled, it’s not currently possible to employ filters on search results pages and there is no manual workaround available.

We hope to incorporate a more robust solution into the next release of filtered search. However, that has yet to be scheduled.