Partyworld - Nitrosell Integration

Hi @donogh

Could you please be able to assist me on the following, We are intergrating our system to automatically print labels.


Hi David,
Thanks for returning my call, if you could pass on your contact person in Nitrosell for ecommerce integration we will ensure we can link SmartFreight. It would be helpful if you could let them know that we will be in touch as sometimes it takes a bit of effort to explain we are working on your behalf.
I found the number below, I presume these are the guys

Fergal Burke
IFS Europe Ltd
IFS SmartFreight®
’Delivering Transport Software Solutions’
Mob .+ 353 86 8105553
Support UK/NI 0845 094 8497
Support ROI 0818 288 088

Hi David,

To be honest, I’d be impressed if they could integrate with our software on their side; I imagine it would at least equally be an integration project for us and would involve development work with our desktop software.

They can contact support at nitrosell’s email address, please, and preferably supply integration documentation in the initial contact, to allow us to investigate what’s involved.


Thanks a mill @donogh I will get them to send for your attention


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