EasyPost over ShipWorks

EasyPost is a new(ish) service that offers API integration for web-stores. It is far less cumbersome than ShipWorks and, more importantly, significantly cheaper. EasyPost labels cost 1 cent to generate, as opposed to the 4-5 cents ShipWorks lowest package offers. Any chance this is something NitroSell is looking into or would considering the future?

Hi Daniel,

We are always doing new integrations to tools and services our client base values.

I am going to reach out to you directly to chat about this.

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I too am very interested in the EasyPost integration. ShipWorks is ok but I prefer the EasyPost interface much more.

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I’d like to reiterate the need for Easy Post. Besides the fact that ShipWorks is not working for me, their support is impossible to reach…

I would like to stay in the loop on this one… I currently use my POS system and Ship Rush to print my UPS labels but now I am in the process of moving from RMS to Retail Pro V9 and it sounds like ShipWorks is the suggested platform for shipping integration.

EasyPost is definitely the most cost effective and simplest way to print postage. I would imagine the API integration would be quite simple into the nitrosell dashboard.

Is there an update if there will be an integration to EasyPost?

It’s on the suggestion list and we have no current plans to integrate with it.

If you’d like to share the cost of a custom dev we can review it.

However, the platform is quite large and offers a lot of features, so it would need to be scoped before we could quote, i.e., of the functionality it offers, what does everyone require?

We don’t have enough interest to justify doing it “for free” currently, I’m afraid.

I would imagine if the cost benefit of easy post was known to all shipworks users, they would prefer easy post.

We have very few stores using ShipWorks


Thanks for the quick response. If you have very few stores using Ship Works, what are most or the stores in the USA using?

My customers were using ShipRush but only on the local machine not cloud based and it is very limited to what it can do and they are not updating it anymore. I have to find another solution other then ShipRush, and ShipWorks seems a bit pricey?

We don’t have stats on other solutions because ShipWorks and ShipRush are the two built in.

Interesting. Ship works was the suggested choice from my developer(s). This is the first time ive heard about ship rush. Thanks for the replies.

Don’t bother with ShipRush, they are not supporting the desktop version integration with RMS anymore. I reported a bug that is a big problem and they said there not updating it anymore. As far as I know (I might be wrong) Shiprush Desktop version is the only version that is integrated with RMS and Nitrosell.

So if ShipRush is not supporting RMS and most people are not using Shipworks, what are people using?

That’s exactly what I would like to find out.

We have been using ShipWorks and love everything about it except the cost. Before using ShipWorks we were creating labels directly with UPS and USPS which was a nightmare. I too would like to know what the other US based NitroSell customers are using if ShipWorks is not the most popular choice.

We have developed internally our own tool to manage order, deal with Post Canada API and send confirmation tracking to customers. Just need some PHP and SQL queries and working very well with RMS. Because we use only one carrier, its was the best solution for us…

Interesting… I have to admit, I find it very odd that Nitrosell doesn’t offer a preferred solution/tool for shipping. After all, it is a pretty important component for e-commerce.

If anyone wants to share the cost for EasyPost, I am open to the idea. ShipWorks is too damn expensive.

I would be on board with splitting the costs for a better shipping solution.

Donough can you give us some idea of what it would cost more or less?

Yitzi Gruen