My Site is not Mobile Friendly

So Google tells me that my site is not Mobile Friendly. I believe that this is hurting our business. What can I do to make my site more Mobile Friendly?

Here is what they tell me about my site specifically

Text too small to read
Content wider than screen
Links too close together
Mobile viewport not set

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Hi Jim,

It looks like your store doesn’t have our mobile add-on, NitroMobile. This is a version of the store that is fully optimised for mobile, including entirely separate templates that are only served to mobile devices, a simplified navigation structure to browse the site more easily on a mobile device, and a streamlined 4-step checkout to replace the one-page checkout on desktop.

I’ve emailed you details on the cost. Please let us know if you’d like to proceed.

Kind regards,

Thank you for the info. something to think about, anyway!

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Yeah, this (in my opinion) should be included in our packages. It’s 2015. Over a third of users are viewing our sites on mobile devices. This would be something to charge a premium for a few years back, but nowadays, mobile-friendly sites are a must.

The framework our NitroSell site is built with includes CSS grids and can easily utilize these features to make our sites pretty on a mobile. Please start including this in our packages NitroSell! It will prevent users like myself and @jim1 from having that “really?..” moment. Something to think about anyways. :smile:


Hi Derek

Your suggestion is certainly a good one and I think Bootstrap would be the leading contender to solve this problem today. It would involve a good piece of work on our part to include something like Bootstrap into our template. We’ll keep you posted on this - can’t promise anything soon though.

Neil Kenealy


Neil! Good to hear you are thinking of this! I have been looking at GetSkeleton boilerplate and see that it has mobile support. Perhaps a time saver would be to utilize this current platform as opposed to converting to Bootstrap? Add a few @media queries to our stylesheet and we would be off to the races so to speak.

I love the idea of utilizing Bootstrap however… It is a great framework! A little bigger (size) then what we have currently, but it offers a ton of features that could really bring some spice to your templates! Except that dang Helvetica Neue… Anyways, looking forward to what the future holds with you guys!


(I remember now that I was on the phone with you when I discovered this about GetSkeleton lol)

Hey Derek,

You make very valid points and we’re certainly giving it serious thought.

I guess one differentiating aspect of the mobile add-on is the 3-step checkout, as opposed to single page on desktop. We are going to review the pricing and I imagine there’s a good chance we’ll make it ‘free’.

Regarding frameworks, while Get Skeleton looks good, the main reasons we’re inclined to go with Bootstrap is because it we already use it on the Portal and WSM and it potentially has more staying power in the long run. (We don’t overhaul our templates very often so we need to make it as future-proof as possible.)

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. We’ll let you know as soon as we have a more solid plan and schedule around these updates.

Kind regards,


HI Guys,

This looked like the perfect place to add my comment concerning Mobile Friendly sites. We have been using Nitrosell’s mobile friendly site in conjunction with our standard desktop site and have been able to capture more revenue, however the bounce rates are astronomically higher on mobile compared to our desktop’s bounce rates. We are currently going through a Phase II redevelopment of our site, but are also considering a Phase II redevelopment of our mobile site in order to capture more interaction. Easy to click tabs are great on the mobile home page, but the lack of icons and/or images seems to make it pretty lack luster; in my opinion.

So where am I going with all of this banter? GOOGLE! I was just informed earlier today by our SEO company that a new algorithm is underway and will be active April 21st that will penalize sites without a mobile friendly site. First question: Is this True? Second question: Do we just need a link at the bottom of the page that allows the customer to switch between the two sites (which will be included in our new desktop site and is standard on Nitrosell’s mobile version)? …OR… does it need to be a responsive site; which is what Google Webmaster seems to be looking at currently?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Hi Stan,

You are right. You can find more information about what Google is looking for here.

Our mobile version is compliant with Google mobile standards. As you can see here your site is considered mobile friendly.

Best regards,

I think the bounce rates on mobile tend to be a bit more than desktop usually. I could be wrong, but in my experience, this holds true. This is one of the reasons I regard the cart & checkout pages as priority #1, product page, product listings #2. The cart and checkout are where the conversions are made (or lost).

I like that Google is developing a new algorithm to check for mobile friendly sites. It means those of us that put the extra effort into our sites will get some bonus points with the search engines. Every little bit helps!

Thank you @belen_ibanez for the links. I’m glad to see our site meet’s their requirements! Thank you bootstrap :smile:

I just want to jump in here and second Derek on this…at this point in time, any platform should include a mobile version (without extra costs!)

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@donogh - There’s been talk of updating templates for more than two years so I’m a little skeptical of how soon this will eventuate and become a reality.

Perhaps in the meantime you could simply unlock access to every single page that exists on the platform, especially the Registration and Checkout pages, so that we can create our own mobile friendly sites with our own HTML markup? At the moment we need to jump through an enormous amount of hoops to achieve a layout that resembles something post 1998.

As Derek has mentioned, it’s 2015, time to put 5 level deep nested tables to bed.

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Thank you for the brutally honest feedback, Andy. We appreciate this is an old issue. My understanding is that the design team have the project near the top of their todo list. I defer to @shane_taylor and @joseph_griffin on this; they may have some more feedback.

hi folks,
Just wondering if there are any additional layout options with the mobile view? it is google friendly however it is not very user friendly - no images/tabs etc plus the top nav menu is not shown on mobile which includes, contact details, upcoming events, our blog, social media links etc. 2016 is around the corner…:wink:

Hi Roz,

The responsive template is nearing release. We’ll likely see it on the alpha version in the next month or so. Stay tuned :smile:


Any progress with the mobile view?

Pat Walsh

Hi Pat,

The project is a little later than planned because we added extra features to make the site more polished and easier to maintain on the back-end.

We will be releasing to alpha on Monday and we hope to have it available on beta within a month. At the same time next week you will see documentation here (on the forum) showing the new features and how to use them.

When it is on alpha, we’d be happy to set you up with a demo store so you can try it out.

Furthermore, we can also offer you a redesign of your site on the responsive templates. This will be charged at a day’s worth of design work. While it is by no means necessary, it would give you an opportunity to offer your shoppers a fresh new design, tailored to your brand. We can send you more information if you like, or add you to a list of interested customers.

Kind regards,

Hi Donogh

We would love to be involved and a redesign would be excellent. If someone could get in touch that would be great.