Menu Builder 101 Creating a New Menu

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Creating a New Menu

The menu management interface comes with two panels: the Edit a Menu panel and the Create a Menu panel.

Create a Menu

To create a new menu simply enter the name for you new menu in the input in this panel. New menus must be named in a way the the NitroSell platform can use. As such menu names must consist of:

  • letters;
  • numbers;
  • underscores;

Menu names must start with a letter.Spaces are NOT allowed in menu names. The name you choose will be used later when you insert the menu into your store so name it something sensible!

When you are happy with your menu name, hit the create button. If your selected name matches the criteria above you will be brought to the Menu Builder Interface.

Edit a Menu

If you already have a menu that you want to modify in some way then select the menu from the drop down in this panel and use the edit button.
If a menu has become superfluous, you can select it here and delete it. There is no way of retrieving a lost menu so use this with extreme care!

NOTE: The interface comes with some pre-generated menus that are suitable for most stores. These pre-generated menus are used by the default store set-up and should not be deleted unless you have generated a suitable replacement and inserted this replacement into the relevant templates.

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