Associating Related Items in Your WebStore


On the description of some of our items, the string “Customers who purchased this item also have purchased” and a bulleted list of items are displayed, which indicates that these items have become associated with each other. How do I control this feature?


Items that are purchased together are automatically associated with each other in the WebStore. While this behavior can be disabled, most of our customers prefer to leave it intact.

You can manually configure similar behavior by populating the PAM_Theme field. Items that have the same value for PAM_Theme are associated with each other. If you have a theme assigned to an item, it overrides the automatic association described above.

To configure themes, use the following options in NSc WebStore Manager. Under Configuration, select WebStore, then:
Select the Product tab, then select Enable the use of thumbnails for related items.
Select the Product tab, then select Display related items from all depts/categories.
Select the Advanced Search Bar tab, then select Show Shop by Type (theme) drop-down.
Select the Advanced Search Bar tab, then select Override theme label.
At present, we can enable the search bar for your WebStore on request, which causes the Shop by Type (theme) drop-down to display. We can also enable the Shop by Brand drop-down, which you can rename by selecting the Advanced Search Bar tab, then selecting Override brand label. To view an example of these two drop-downs, visit this WebStore.