Issues with Special Offer items

We are having an issue with the Special Offer items, at the moment the items are shwoing the standard price and sale price next to each other. I have attached a screenshot

We would like to edit this so that only the sale price is displayed. Can you help with this?

You should be able to just add the below line to your style sheet or within the style tags you have in your header template.

#specialoffers .text-pricestrike {display:none;}

I also noticed you have an extra opening tag " {header-socail " on one of those embedded styles in your header template which is likely affecting the rules that follow.

.display {display:block !important;}
#header-social {header-social {width:620px !important;} 
#header-cartlogin {width:220px !important;} 
#searchbar #keywordsearchfield {width:250px !important;}
.display-count {letter-spacing: 2px;}
.tab-text {font-size:14px !important; padding-bottom:4px;}
#layer_field1 p {font-size: 12pt !important;}


Hi Craig,

changes on your special offer items have been made. Only one price (sale price) is displaying now. Please review changes and let me know if they are suitable for You.