I disabled a pop-up box and now can't edit pages

Hello-I’m a dork, and I turned off a box that would pop up right after I saved a page edit when I clicked the ‘make this page live’ in the top of the editing screen. I can’t remember exactly what the box said, it was some kind of warning about did I really want to make the change live (as I mentioned, I’m a dork) but I inferred that turning the box off would just make the warning not show. Well, I turned the box off and now the pages don’t update, even after I save the changes. When I click ‘make the page live’ nothing seems to change, even if I refresh the site.

Thoughts? Can I turn this box back on?

No worries Cynthia, we like dorks!! I’m assuming you’re using Chrome. These windows are called alerts. Apparently closing and reopening the tab might help:

Failing that, you could try “reset settings”, which is a more drastic approach.

Hope this helps!

Reset Setting in NtS or Chrome?

And the tab trick did help! Grazi!

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