How do I reset incorrect ASIN data

When I was setting up items for Amazon using PAM I inadvertently pasted(can I tell you how much I hate that PAM does not use standard cut and pate commands?) the same UPC to 8 different items. Amazon is now treating these as one single item. I have tried to fix it a number of different ways without any success. It appears that the incorrect ASIN has been uploaded to Nitro and no matter what I do won’t change anything unless I can clear out that ASIN and resubmit the items with a new UPC.

I have another Item(CPPY0602) with a bunch of data that I have no idea where it came from. It has the wrong brand, wrong Mfr Part #, and wrong photo. I’ve tried to change them in both PAM(where they were already correct) and in Manage Inventory on Seller Central but they keep reverting back to the incorrect info. I’m baffled as all of the incorrect data is for a product that I’ve never sold, in a category I’ve never sold anything in.

We will automatically push item data to Amazon any time it’s updated. Whether they accept it is another matter entirely. I would suggest deleting the items and trying to re-add them. I notice your deletion feed is disabled:

If you click Change Configuration and set it to Enabled, when you set Amazon Item to false in PAM and sync, it will automatically delete the item from Amazon. It will also delete items you remove from your webstore. I’d recommend having it on so your products are correctly reflected on Amazon.

Regarding CPPY0602, if you search for the item on the reports page, click the row and then click View Mappings, you can see exactly the data we’re uploading from your store:

If the data on Amazon doesn’t match, then it’s an issue on their side, most likely with a UPC mismatched to a different item. In that case, it’s best to open a ticket with Seller Support and request they fix the listing: Amazon Sign-In

I tried deleting them and re-adding them, but they all have the same incorrect ASIN still attached to them. I uploaded the items with a UPC, so the ASIN is data that Amazon created and pushed up to Nitrosell. Is there any way to clear that data out?

Hi Jim,

If you can provide a list of your SKUs for these items, we can delete that data for you.


Thanks Donogh,

Hi Jim,

The automated amendment values for those items are gone now.


Hi Donogh!

I just need to be much more careful in PAM. Paste and paste from windows clipboard do very different things!

Thanks for the help!


No worries! You’re welcome Jim!