How do I measure my SEO's Effectivness?

I have default SEO within my webstore setup. Are there tools within NS to measure the degree to which my SEO is working?

I use Google Analytics to measures hits on keywords setup within it’s campaigns. Can GA be used to look at SEO as controlled by NS configuration for my webstore?

Thanks :blush:


Google Analytics is the de facto tool in SEM to achieve that task and by a mile, the most widely used website statistics service. Although it is not perfect, discussing its shortcomings is outside the scope of this thread. We therefore wouldn’t reinvent the wheel especially a well established and proven one, but rather help our retailers make the most of SEM by focusing on getting it right.

We do so by offering a lot of features. Some of them were documented here or even here How do I set up Google's Canonical Tag for Matrix items (Set a preferred URL for your content)

I hope this answers your questions. I can put you in touch with our in-house SEM expert who will be delighted to assist you further to get your SEM up to speeds and reap its rewards especially at this busy period of the year. Let me know your thoughts.