Grouping Purchases Limit

Is there anymore information available about the ‘Grouping Purchases Limit’ option available?

It seems rather straightforward but what values are expected in the customer fields as I’m a little confused as to why it looks like it requires three custom fields to function.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Andy,

This feature is only available in alpha. We will publish more information next week.
In a nutshell, you need to map 3 fields in PAM:
The Grouping field will be the name of the group (the limit will be applied to multiple items as a group),
The Limiting field will establish how many items from can be purchased from the group.
The Reset Limit is optional and establishes the month when the limits are reset. If it is left blank then the limits will be reset at the beginning of the next year.

You give the same group name to all the items that you want to associate together (and of course the same limit and month date).

Best regards,

Thanks Belen I look forward to reading more about it shortly. Saying that, I’m still a bit puzzled we wouldn’t simply explode the values from a single field rather than tying up three (rather scarce) custom fields?



Hi Andy,

This was actually developed as a paid customization for another customer. As such, it’s provided “as is” for now unless you’d like to pursue changes as a further customization.


Has this evolved at all? Is it only possible to have the Reset Limit be based on month? As opposed to a set number of days?

Hi Patrick,

I’m afraid there has been little demand for this, and we focus development on features that have the broadest appeal.

As always, we would be happy to review changes as part of a custom development. If you’re interested, please open a ticket.