Google Analytics and Worldpay

We have an ongoing issue with tracking our sales nad marketing via Google Analytics-we can track through the process right up until the final point of sale but when the customer is transferred to Worldpay for payment we lose the ability to track. My understanding is that this is because Worldpay doesn’t allow trackers on its pages. Undrestandably this is extrenely frustrating as we often have morethan one marketing campaign on the go at a time and are really keen to be able to tie marketing effort to results in our analysis.

We use Worldpay Junior Select. As a Government Department we are somewhat hampered in our payment options and at this stage Junior Select is all we are able to use. We have been told that it might be possible to work round this if we use the XML Direct method where Nitroisell capture the customer’s card details and pass them onto WorldPay, without storing them. In order to do this we would need to go through Government Banking Services to gain a dispensation to allow using the XML Direct method on the WorldPay Business Gateway. This will be a bit problematical so before we undertake this I would be very keen to know if there is anyone out there using XML Direct and Google Analytics successfully. Alternatively if anyone is using Worldpay and Google Analytics together suv=ccessfully in another way I would be very keen to hear from you.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Hi @Sally_Hughes ,

You are correct in your assessment of the reason why it is currently not possible to track transactions placed via Worldpay. There used to be a similar issue with Paypal Standard. However, Paypal provides a mechanism that allows customers to automatically return to the store after completing an order. So the problem was easily addressed in that case. We document that here Please Sign In - WebSell Portal

In this scenario though, we will need to know if there is a similar approach offered by Worldpay. If you can get that information from them, then we will be more than happy to investigate the workload involved to get it to work in your webstore. If there is not such thing, then you will be left with no option but to migrate to another payment gateway I am afraid.

Let us know your thoughts please.

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Thanks Francin (and Brian)
These are the instructions we have from Worldpay-do you think this is something that would work for us ?

In order to redirect the shopper back to the originating website you will need to create a customised results page, which either uses a meta-refresh or has a static redirection URL, using one of methods shown below:

1.) Customised results (resultY.html and resultC.html) page.

Once you have created these pages you will need to upload them via the File Management tool, which can be found within the “Payment Page Editor” which can be located within the “Installations” section of the Merchant Administration Interface (MAI) at For further details on this tool please refer to:

Please note that following:

  • when uploading the results pages please ensure that they are named correctly, i.e. resultY.html and resultC.html otherwise the system will ignore the files.
  • once you are happy with how these pages appear in the test environment, you will need to select the “copy to production” option within the payment page editor to copy these pages to the production environment.
  • it can take up to 6 hours for files to be replicated from test to production, once the the “copy to production” option is selected.

2.) Shopper response:

The payment response mechanism is used to send an HTTP POST back to your shopping cart/ website. This HTTP POST contains information pertaining to either a successful or cancelled transaction event. The payment response URL (as specified in the “Integration Setup” of your WorldPay installation) is the location of a script that interpret the HTTP POST from WorldPay and for example it would then updating an orders database. It is not possible to use this mechanism to automatically redirect the shopper back to your website.

Many thanks