FlexiFi Integration

FlexiFi is a payment gateway offering an instalment payment plan for retailers. In simple terms, FlexiFi offers a loan to complete the payment rather than processing the payment using a credit or debit card. Customers then repay the loan in a set of instalments, spreading the cost over time instead of making a one-off payment at checkout.

To integrate your online store with FlexiFi, follow the steps below:

  • Sign up and become a partner with FlexiFi to setup a FlexiFi account with your store. FlexiFi will provide you with all of the credentials needed to set the payment gateway up on your store. They will also provide you with credentials to access your FlexiFi dashboard. We will handle setting up the success / failure URLs for your webstore.
  • With your FlexiFi credentials, Go to your Webstore Manager, and under the menu Payments, open Payment Gateways. On this page, you will find the FlexiFi payment gateway under Other Payment Methods in the dropdown.

  • Open the FlexiFi configuration from the drop down and enable FlexiFi, and enter the given credentials in the appropriate fields. as seen below:

  • With FlexiFi enabled, you are now ready to use FlexiFi as a payment method on your store!

If you would like to get the most out of your FlexiFi integration, you can also add a script to your Product Page template which will add a clickable widget which displays the instalment plans available if a customer would pay using FlexiFi.

FlexiFi will provide you with a script tag that you can add to your Product Page template. This will include a unique id specific to your store. All that is needed is for the product price and terms to be passed into the script on the product page

  • You can use the template NitroScript {ns:printCurrentPrice} to insert the price into the script, as seen in the example below:

    <p><script id="flexifi-widget" src="https://f3v1or16ls1ka.cloudfront.net/content/scripts/flexifi-widget.js?id=12345678&productPrice={ns:printCurrentPrice}&term=12"></script></p>

  • Different instalment terms are used depending on the price of the product, as seen in examples below.

€80 - €499.99 = Term 5
€500- €999.99 = Term 12
€1,000 - €15,000 = Term 36
€15,000 - €30,000 = Term 60

You can also use the template functionality to swap between the different terms, depending on the price of the product. An example of this can be seen below:

{if (product['price'] lt 500)} 
<p><script id="flexifi-widget" src="https://f3v1or16ls1ka.cloudfront.net/content/scripts/flexifi-widget.js?id=12345678&productPrice={ns:printCurrentPrice}&term=5"></script></p> 

{elseif (product['price'] lt 1000)} 
<p><script id="flexifi-widget" src="https://f3v1or16ls1ka.cloudfront.net/content/scripts/flexifi-widget.js?id=12345678&productPrice={ns:printCurrentPrice}&term=12"></script></p> 

{elseif (product['price'] lte 15000)}
<p><script id="flexifi-widget" src="https://f3v1or16ls1ka.cloudfront.net/content/scripts/flexifi-widget.js?id=12345678&productPrice={ns:printCurrentPrice}&term=36"></script></p> 

{elseif (product['price'] lte 30000)}
<p><script id="flexifi-widget" src="https://f3v1or16ls1ka.cloudfront.net/content/scripts/flexifi-widget.js?id=12345678&productPrice={ns:printCurrentPrice}&term=60"></script></p> 

You can also optionally change the text displayed on checkout when selecting FlexiFi as the payment option.

We anticipate FlexiFi being an attractive payment method for retailers and customers alike. If you are interested in integrating FlexiFi into your webstore or have any questions on using with this payment gateway, you can follow the steps above or raise a ticket with our support staff who will gladly steer you through the set up in Webstore Manager.


Can it be used for USD transactions on US webstores?

Hi Derek,

My understanding is Flexifi is only available in the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

However, for the US market, we support Affirm, which is similar: Affirm for merchants: offer customer financing and buy now pay later options for your business

The support team would be happy to assist you with configuring it (should you choose to sign up).