Feature list by server-side version/release channel

Here is a non-exhaustive list of features offered in all our channels. It is divided into 3 subcategories: latest payment gateways, store functionality, and shopper experience. The payment gateways supported in earlier branches are implicitly covered in these branches.

The store functionality section deals with features that are provided at the WebStore Manager (WSM) and are therefore not accessible to your customers. The shopper experience details the features that are available to your customers. This list covers features available as of end July 2016 and is therefore likely to be updated as new features are added to the platform. Finally, where possible, we will provide links to forum thread where further details on specific features were given.

Functionality Branch Description Date added Category
API branch-5 v2 of the Nitrosell API (backwards compatible with v1 January 2017 Store Functionality
Email Interface branch-5 Email Management Interface January 2017 Store Functionality
Checkout Surcharge Early Adopters Allows a charge to be added at the checkout if certain items are in the basket January 2017 Store Functionality
Multistep Checkout Early Adopters Allows multi-step checkout January 2017 Store Functionality
Dynamic Sorting Legacy Multivariable dynamic sorting January 2017 Store Functionality
Order Confirmation sorting Legacy Allows you to set the sort order for items on the order confirmation email January 2016 Store Functionality
Cayan Standard Cayan Payment Gateway December 2016 Store Functionality
Quick Add to Registry Standard Form to bulk add items to registries December 2016 Store Functionality
Shipping - Charge by Distance Standard (BING on Beta) Allows you to charge shipping based on distance to your customer December 2016 Store Functionality
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Functionality Branch Description Date added Category
Blog Interface Standard Blog Management Interface October 2016 Store Functionality
Abandoned Cart Notification Repeat Delay Standard Abandoned Cart Notification August 2016 Shopper Experience
Full page picklist printing latest desktop software Support in RMS to print off a picklist of items for an order.
Custom SSL certificates for individual stores Standard Each store can now have their own SSL cert November 2016 Store functionality
AMEX express checkout Standard Express checkout option by AMEX June 2016 Shopper Experience
BazaarVoice Standard New product review handler May 2016 Shopper Experience
Google Certified Shop Standard Google certified shop May 2016 Shopper Experience
Support Card swipe at checkout Standard support for card swiping at checkout May 2016 Shopper Experience
Predictive search Standard Predictive search May 2016 Store functionality
Nosto recommendation engine Standard Support for nosto recommendation engine April 2016 Shopper Experience
Product quick view Legacy Quick view menu is now supported on product pages April 2016 Shopper Experience
Responsive Templates Standard Responsive Templates March 2016 Shopper Experience
Carousel builder Standard carousel builder March 2016 Store functionality
Bootstrap 3 Standard Bootstrap 3 March 2016 Shopper experience
Advanced search support for CRE multistore Standard Advanced search support for CRE multistore March 2016 Store functionality
BS modal window on product images Standard When clicking on the product image, it opens in a modal window March 2016 Shopper Experience
New content editor (responsive template project) Standard New content editor based on CKEditor March 2016 Shopper Experience
WSM options social button links Standard WSM options social button links March 2016 Shopper Experience
Image uploader Standard Image uploader interface in the WSM March 2016 Shopper Experience
New review submission panel Standard review submission panel as part of the responsive design project February 2016 Store functionality
Font Awesome Standard Font Awesome v 4.6 is now available February 2016 Shopper experience
Bronto Mailing list integration Legacy Bronto mailing list integration October 2015 Shopper Experience
Wine feed Legacy Custom wine searcher feed uploaded daily Oct 2015 Store functionality
Payment Gateway - Interac Legacy Moneris's interac payment gateway September 2015 Payment
Menu Builder Standard Allow the creation of menus that can be included in the store using nitroscript. Sept 2015 Store functionality
Virtual Keyboard support at checkout Standard Support for virtual keyboard at checkout June 2015 Shopper Experience
Payment Gateway - Paypal pasarela integral Legacy paypal pasarela integral November 2014 Payment
Payment Gateway - Shift 4 Legacy Shift 4 payments June 2014 Payment
Chinese Language Strings All versions Support for stores that use Chinese. Store functionality
Blog landing page Legacy blog landing page September 2015 Store functionality
Shipping coupons Standard discount on shipping charges September 2015 Store functionality
Custom Tax breakdown for Taxation by item Legacy Breaking down tax amount in the order confirmation email for taxation by item September 2015 Shopper experience
Universal Analytics Legacy Google Universal Analytics September 2015 SEO
SEO Pagination links Legacy SEO paginations URLs on listing pages September 2015 Shopper experience
WSM language string interface Legacy language string interface at the WSM December 2015 Store functionality
Product Title Builder Legacy At the WSM, define custom format for title builders for products June 2015 Store functionality
Image magnifier Legacy When hovering over a product image, it pops up in a separate window June 2015 Shopper experience
Maximum quantity restriction Standard Customers can only purchase up to a certain number of items April 2015 Shopper experience
Shipworks Standard Ship orders at the POS April 2015 Store functionality
Form builder Legacy Form builder April 2015 Store functionality
Split Shipping Standard split shipping February 2015 Shopper experience
Charity panel Standard Support for donations February 2015 Shopper experience
WSM Advanced Order Viewing Legacy Order Viewing Page January 2015 Store functionality
Added NitroScript variables to Templates Legacy Variables names and purpose added as comments to template files. Jan 2014 Store functionality
Trustev Legacy Fraud detection. Verify the identity of every shopper & kick online fraud out of the equation. Dec 2013 Store functionality
jQuery updated to 1.10.2 Legacy jQuery is a javascript library used by web developers to enhance the shoppers experience. This branch supports jQuery v1.10.2 Dec 2013 Shopper experience
Saving of templates in WSM Standard Allow designers to take backups of templates Dec 2013 Store functionality
PFS - next phase Standard PFS on brand and theme pages. PFS progressive filter counts. PFS category filters, navigation counts. Dec 2013 Shopper experience
WebStore blogs Legacy Write a blog on the NitroSell platform Nov 2013 Shopper experience
Category pictures assignments Legacy Allow store owners to assign pictures to categories through the WSM Nov 2013 Store functionality
PostCode Anywhere Legacy PostCode Anywhere - address fillout in forms Oct 2013 Shopper experience
301 Editing interface on WSM Legacy Allow stores to enter 301 redirects on their own store Oct 2013 Store functionality
bLoyal Legacy Integration with 3rd party loyalty provider Aug 2013 Shopper experience
Google Analytics Legacy Analysis of sales and website usage January 2013 SEO
Payment Gateway - AlertPay Integration Legacy Integration with AlertPay, a Canadian paypal alternative September 2012 Payment
Payment Gateway - CommWeb Legacy 2012 Payment
AJAX add to basket Legacy Improved method of adding items to the shoppers basket. Items are now added using AJAX so that we don't have a page reload. April 2011 Shopper experience
jQuery Legacy jQuery is a javascript library used by web developers to enhance the shoppers experience. This branch supports jQuery v1.4.3 Shopper experience
NitroSell one page checkout Legacy One page checkout is the current way of managing payment on e-commerce sites. The older way involved filling in data over several pages. November 2011 Shopper experience
Social media - sharing buttons Legacy Social sharing buttons added to the webstore on product pages. Google+, Facebook and Twitter 9/1/2011 Shopper experience - social sharing
Improved MailChimp Integration API v1.3 Legacy Store switched to using API keys rather than user names and password to access stores Mailchimp accounts September 2011 Store functionality - mail
Web coupons Phase 2 Standard Added the ability to make rules for web promotions, add max uses per customer to the a web coupon and to determine whether a discount can apply to items marked non-discountable April 2011 Store functionality - promotions
Gift card - Chockstone Legacy This gift card is integrated in the web store February 2012 Giftcard
Gift card - Moneris integration Legacy This gift card is integrated in the web store Giftcard
Gift card - PayPros integration Legacy This gift card is integrated in the web store Giftcard
Gift card - Valutec integration Legacy This gift card is integrated in the web store April 2012 Giftcard
Offline settlement support for authorize.net Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - Heartland Legacy Integration with Heartland, a gun store friendly payment gateway 11/1/2011 Payment
Payment Gateway - PayPros Integration Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - Paypal Standard Legacy Paypal standard integration Payment
Payment Gateway - PayPros integration Standard Integration of PayPros payment gateway August 2012 Payment
Processing Refunds through Get Web Orders Legacy Allows stores to refund purchases made by shoppers when the store uses certain payment gateways August 2012 Payment
Shipping Module Fedex - revised Legacy NitroSells Fedex shipping integration has been updated to work with the new Fedex API (Only on 5). Shipping
Shipping Module Purolater Legacy NitroSell now integrates with the Canadian shipping company, Purolater. August 2012 Shipping
Shipping Module USPS Legacy NitroSell now integrates with the USPS API v4 November 2012 Shipping
Back in stock notification emails Legacy The store will display a button when a product is out of stock allowing a shopper to request notification when the product is back in stock. The functionality also issues an email daily to the store with a list of all outstanding notifications. 4/1/2012 Shopper experience
Customer Review Request Email Standard Issue of an email to a customer that recently bought an item asking them to review their purchase on the web site April 2012 Shopper experience
Google maps integration (V3 API) Standard Shopper experience
jQuery Standard jQuery is a javascript library used by web developers to enhance the shoppers experience. This branch supports jQuery v1.5.2 2012 Shopper experience
NitroMobile Standard Smart phone support for the web stores February 2012 Shopper experience
Persistent Filtered Search Standard Persistent filtered search is a current customer friendly way of allowing shoppers to narrow down their search of a store. February 2012 Shopper experience
Recently Viewed Items Panel Standard Adds a panel to the webstore showing items viewed recently by the shopper 1/1/2012 Shopper experience
Set default shipping method Standard The estimate of the shipping charge on the basket page can be calculated using a defined shipping method rather than the first available shipping method. Shopper experience
GeoIP based currency selection Standard When enabled, this option tries to select a default currency (from the currencies enabled on the store) to match the country the shopper is browsing from. Shopper experience - GeoIP
Social media - Pinterest Standard Added social media Pinterest support to the webstore 1/1/2012 Shopper experience - social sharing
Editable Nitroscript NitroMobile templates Standard The NitroMobile templates can be edited in 5 Store functionality
Fractional Product Quantities Standard Until this feature was added, the store only dealt in whole items. This feature allows products, such as cloth, to be sold in fractions such as 1/2, 1/8, etc. 1/1/2012 Store functionality
NitroMobile Templates Standard These templates allow a store to serve up content specifically tailored for mobile devices Store functionality
Product meta keyword and description values driven by custom PAM fields Standard Store functionality
Unit of Measure Standard Added support for units of measure in the web store. Now items can be sold in litres, yards or lightyears! 1/1/2012 Store functionality
Updated Google Analytics API integration Standard Store functionality
reCaptcha added to Checkout Standard Captcha added to checkout to add security to checkout process and stop automated card checking using a web store July 2012 Store functionality - security
TaxCloud Standard Integration with a third party tax provider for US based stores. Store functionality - tax
Persistent Filtered Search Phase 2 Standard This set of additional PFS features are being phased in. Currently available is: field-based filter groups, progressive filtering..
Social media - purchase sharing Standard This option will make the store display a panel on the order confirmation page allowing the shopper to share their purchase using Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.
API Phase 1 Standard Allows stores to remotely insert orders, get tax, get shipping options. Note you wil need to have a developer to fully use this feature.
AdWords conversion tracking option Standard
Blog support Standard A fully integrated blog feature that can be used to further feed SEO juice to your store. SEO
Serialized item support Standard RMS feature. We now support the processing of serialised items through GWO.
WorldPay Business Gateway Standard Support for a new on-site version of the offsite version of this payment gateway
pcAmerica CRE support Standard Support for a new fully integrated retail solution.
Canonical URLs for matrix items Standard To gain SEO benefit for your matrix items. SEO
Security options Standard User password requirements, 2 phase password reset, lockout users that try incorrect passwords more than x times, session timeout Store functionality
Breadcrumbs Standard Improve your store SEO SEO
Paypal offsite payment gateway Standard Update of the existing Paypal Standard payment gateway. Now supports refunds, settlement and delay capture at the POS. Also supports Google Analytics better. April 2013 Payment
USPS international shipping integration Standard United States Postal Service International shipping integration March 2013 Shipping
Twitter Card Support Standard Added meta information about products when you tweet them. April 2013 SEO
Google Checkout offsite payment gateway Standard Offsite payment gateway that uses the biggest online platform there is Discontinued
BitPay offset payment gateway Standard Offsite payment gateway that uses Bitcoins virtual currency 5/1/2013 Payment
NetWork merchants integrated payment gateway Standard Support for a new North American payment gateway Payment
WebStore Manager Mk2 Standard Revamp of the WebStore Manager April 2013 Store functionality
Minimum quantities Standard Restrict purchasing to minimum amounts May 2013 Store functionality
Paypal pasarela gateway Standard Paypal pasarela gateway November 2014 Shopper experience
Facebook login Standard Facebook login February 2015 Shopper experience
Breadcrumbs on mobile Standard Breadcrumbs on mobile February 2015 Shopper experience
First Data Payment Gateway Standard First Data Rapid Connect Gateway January 2015 Shopper experience
Interac Payment Gateway Standard Interac Payment gateway October 2015 Shopper experience
Time to order in orders history Standard Time to order in orders history July 2015 Shopper experience
Recaptcha v2 support Standard Recaptcha v2 support August 2015 Shopper experience
CRE multi-store support Standard CRE multi-store support July 2015 Shopper experience
CRE HQ client based pricing Standard CRE HQ client based pricing October 2015 Store functionality
301 Redirects Standard 301 Redirect tool January 2014 Store functionality
AvaTax Standard Taxation by provider support with Avatax which also handles Canada August 2013 Store functionality
TaxCloud Standard Tax Cloud support September 2012 Store functionality
Gift card - Abanco/Cynergy integration Legacy This gift card is integrated in the web store Giftcard
Gift card - Dynamics RMS integration Legacy This gift card is integrated in the web store Giftcard
Gift card - GiveX integration Legacy This gift card is integrated in the web store Giftcard
Gift card - Mercury integration Legacy This gift card is integrated in the web store Giftcard
Gift card - Smart Transactions Legacy This gift card is integrated in the web store Giftcard
check/money order payment method Legacy Payment
Delayed Capture with Offline Settlement Legacy If your payment gateway supports it, delayed capture allows for transactions to be authorized on your shoppers' cards without immediately settling the funds. More information in: http://www.nitrosell.com/blog/page/7 11/1/2009 Payment
eCheque support in Authorize.net Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - Abanco Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - Authorize.net Integration Legacy Authorize.net integration added March 2012 Payment
Payment Gateway - Cybersource Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - eCheck.net Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - EProcessing Network Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - eWay Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - HSBC Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - ING/ RaboBank Legacy Payment - deprecated
Payment Gateway - Iridium Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - Mercury Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - Moneris Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - Paypal PayFlow Pro Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - Realex Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - TD Online/ Beanstream Legacy Payment
Payment Gateway - WorldPay Legacy Payment
PayPal Website Payments Pro with 3D Secure Legacy NitroSell eCommerce currently supports two versions of PayPal Website Payments Pro, which have been updated to handle these latest 3D Secure requirements: PayPal Website Payments Pro (PayFlow Edition UK); PayPal Website Payments Pro (US, Canada, UK). More information in: http://www.nitrosell.com/blog/page/6 1/1/2009 Payment
SEO Phase 2 Legacy NitroSell eCommerce uses a number of well-recognized, safe techniques to ensure your webstore's content is optimized for search engines. More information in: http://www.nitrosell.com/blog/page/9 SEO
SEO Phase 3 (configurable urls) Legacy Configurable urls SEO
POS 2009 Shipping Method Legacy "Within WebStore Manager (WSM), the webstore will calculate the shipping charge for online sales and send the amount with the order upon synchronization with POS 2009.
The WebStore Manager (WSM) for POS 2009 has a Shipping Method Administration tab that can be accessed by navigating Configuration > Shipping and Taxes > Shipping Method Admin. More information in: http://www.nitrosell.com/blog/page/5" Legacy October 2012 Shipping
Shipping Module Canada Post Legacy Using your personal Canada Post / Sell Online merchant dashboard you can configure options such as: Insurance Fees, Handling Fees, Signatory Requirements, Fuel Surcharges, Custom Shipping Boxes. More information in: http://www.nitrosell.com/blog/page/6 1/1/2011 Shipping
Shipping Module Periship Legacy The Periship module was added to the codebase very early on as a customization. The plugin was made publicly available later on. Dates are all uncertain. Shipping
Shipping Module UPS Legacy The UPS shipping module was added to the code base very early on. It has been updated continuously. Shipping
Lightbox as standard for enlarged images Legacy Lightbox is a script that allows the presentation of images ontop of a current page Shopper experience
Dynamic sorting Legacy Sort by column Shopper experience
Email addresses as usernames Legacy This functionality allowed emails to be used as usernames. This would be the current standard on modern websites. It means users don't have to remember a username, password and email. Shopper experience
jQuery Legacy jQuery is a javascript library used by web developers to enhance the shoppers experience. This branch supports jQuery v1.4.3 Shopper experience
Shipping estimate on basket page Legacy An estimate of the shipping charge appears on the basket page Shopper experience
GeoIP redirection Legacy GeoIP is the use of an IP to determine where a shopper is browsing from allowing the store to adjust accordingly. An example of this would be to redirect a shopper to a version of the store that is in the main language of the country the shopper is in. Shopper experience - GeoIP
Automated addition of pending weborder item quantities to quantity committed in RMS Legacy We have recently released a couple of improvements that greatly enhance the accuracy of stock levels in both your point-of-sale system and on your webstore. Firstly, we've added an option to Sync that reserves quantities of items in unprocessed web orders. Secondly, for high volume webstores, we've added a webstore basket checking feature. For more information go: http://www.nitrosell.com/blog/page/5 8/1/2010 Store functionality
Built in RSS Legacy RSS feeds are automatic output 6/12/2010 Store functionality
Configurable search index Legacy Can set which fields search uses by settings options in WebStore Manager. Store functionality
Gift Registries and Wish Lists on your NitroSell WebStore Legacy The Professional Edition of NitroSell eCommerce offers the ability for shoppers to create Gift Registries and Wish Lists. 10/9/2010 Store functionality
Guest Checkout Legacy Allows shoppers to reach the checkout page without having to login or register an account. Store functionality
Multiple currencies in one store Legacy Allows multiple currencies per store with the exchange rate coming from RMS. Store functionality
Multiple language support Legacy The store has support for several languages (English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, German, and Italian). This can be easily extended to support further languages. Store functionality
Order confirmation email barcodes support Legacy Store functionality
Order history Legacy If your customers regularly place repeat orders, or need a reminder of previously ordered items, then the Order History facility will be invaluable to them. It keeps a record of every previous web order and list the items purchased. 10/9/2010 Store functionality
PDF Catalogues of store content Legacy Allows automatic generation of catalogues of the store content. Store functionality
Product review and ratings Legacy Allows customers to enter a review and a rating against a product. This is stored until reviewed by the store manager and passed fit for publishing. Store functionality
Store Themes Legacy Skins that give a store an instant professional look without having to employ a web designer. Layered Browns, Layered Greens, Layered Pinks, Refined Blues, Refined Oranges, Refined Purples, Calming Blue, Grape and Bubblegum, Soothing Black, Soothing Brown, Soothing Peach. 20/01/2010 Store functionality
Support for RMS 2.0 percentage based discounts Legacy Store functionality
Support for various discount schemes Legacy Support for RMS based discount schemes such as 'buy x get y for x' or 'mix'n'match' or quantity discounts. Store functionality - promotions
Web coupons Phase 1 Legacy Web coupons are web based discounts available by typing a coupon code into the checkout. Store functionality - promotions
Web-only pricing Legacy Ability to set prices available on the web store only. Store functionality - promotions
reCaptcha support Legacy Captcha is a security system that inserts a image only readable by humans. To continue with the action protected by captcha, the shopper must insert some words into a box. This is designed to stop automatic scripts attacking your web store. Store functionality - security
Customer location based taxation Legacy Stores take into account the location of a store and where the customer is based when calculating taxation due on a purchase. This includes both tax inclusive (Europe) and tax exclusive (north America) methods for calculating tax. Store functionality - tax
Functionality Branch Description Date added Category
Google Merchant Centre Feed with categorization support Legacy Allows a store to configure a feed to the Google Merchant Centre 28/02/2012 Store functionality
Product Customization Legacy Allow customization of the same product in different ways June 2013 Store functionality
EU Cookie forms Legacy EU Cookie warning May 2013 Shopper experience
AvaTax Legacy 3rd party Tax calculator July 2013 Store functionality
eBay Integration Alpha eBay integration with NitroSell May 2018 Store functionality
Bing Maps Beta Distance based shipping integration June 2018 Shipping
Custom charity donation Standard You can allow your customers to choose their own amount of money that they want to donate for charity. July 2018 Shopper experience
Pubble Standard Pubble live chat integration July 2018 Store functionality
Sidecar Standard Sidecar is being used to collect information and manage Google Shopping campaigns that uses scripts on product pages, order confirmation and the google feed. May 2018 Store functionality
Display Nitroscriptable Matrix Panel Alpha This option will display Nitroscript template "Matrix Panel" for selected matrices July 2018 Store functionality
Privacy features Standard New panel in WSM to set customised Privacy Settings, Terms & Conditions pages and privacy panels June 2018 Store functionality
Cardknox Legacy Cardknox payment gateway May 2018 Payment gateway
Stripe Beta Stripe payment gateway February 2018 Payment gateway
Braintree Beta Braintree payment gateway with anti-fraud Kount integration July 2018 Payment gateway
PayPal Vault Beta Payment gateway that allows customers to save PayPal Account details for future purchases July 2018 Payment gateway
Tokenised payments Beta Pay with credit card tokens. At the moment works with Stripe and Braintree July 2018 Payment gateway
Accessible Templates Early Adopters Set of store templates that help you make your content accessible to everyone August 2018 Shopper experience

Thanks Maciej, this new list is very helpful.

Do you by chance have any additional information on the last entry (Accessible Templates)? This sounds interesting.


Hi Andy,

thank you for your feedback!

I’ve just made live documentation for Accessible Templates project and updated the list, so you can check it out for more information! Direct Link: https://forum.websell.io/t/new-accessible-ada-compliant-templates/1852

The main goal is to provide version of the webstore for screen-reader users but not only; There are also elderly, partially sighted users (growing population) and people with other disabilities.

The project is currently on its way to Early Adopters version

Best Regards,

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