Customizing the Icon Used for Your WebStore's URL and Bookmark


Is it possible to upload my brand/logo/store icon so it will appear in the browser’s tab (examples: The NitroSell ‘N’ or the Gmail ‘envelope’) ?


Yes, simply save the icon you want to the root of your FTP site with the name favicon.ico. For more information on creating such a file, refer to:

For those of you diyers, this is the line you’re looking for in the header template editor:

Put whatever you name your favicon image at the end of the site_path. Does not have to be saved as .ico file. PNG, which youcan create in paint works- if a little pixelated. I think it comes with the size, if I’m not mistaken.

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Thanks for encouraging us DIYers! Could you elaborate though? I’ve tried to put it in a couple of different spots on that Site_Path line, with no luck. :thinking: