Accessing 'Notify me' info

Where can I find list of items that customers have requested email notifying them when back in stock?


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We keep an eye on the list via the daily summary email, but it’d be handy to have access to the details via WSM too!

When a product gets deactivated from the website anybody that had previously requested to be notified is now simply listed under the product ID number, so it’d make understanding the list easier if the product title was also stored in the “notify me” table.

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Hi Gareth,

How do you access the daily summary email?

You can switch on the option under the general Webstore Configuration options:

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I can’t find it right now, but I know elsewhere there is a setting which specifies the email can only be sent to one address (and defaults to the primary email address for the site).

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Ah thanks - I couldn’t find that option. Got it now, much appreciated.

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