Sorting Matrix Item Dimensions (Manually)

If you look at the following page, you will see that the dimension attributes for ‘Length’ are sorted numerically, however, this does not sort them according to their length in feet (short to long). So with the current sorting, the ‘10 ft.’ attribute is listed before the ‘2 ft.’ attribute. The ‘100 ft.’ attribute is also listed before ‘2 ft.’ and so on…

How can we adjust the order that these matrix items are displayed?

We tried changing the dimesion attributes’ ‘Code’ to simply “A, B, C, etc.” and it yielded no change, which leads me to believe the framework sorts these attributes according to their alpha-numeric names. Can this be overridden?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Derek,

RMS 2.0 and up supports matrix attribute ordering. The webstore supports it too. You can find instructions here:


Thanks for this link. Mike was kind enough to show me this during our meeting. I’m very happy this is available!!!