Re-Useable Registries

We have a number of trainers and tutors who want to be able to direct students to our website for the camera equivalent of a book list (i.e. where students pick a selection from the list, delivered to them rather than the list-maker).

Is there any way to do such a thing with the existing List or Registry System?

Obviously in this context the number requested/‘recommended’ is important, but the number previously bought is immaterial.

Hi Gareth,

We had a client do exactly that some time ago. The best way to do that would be to set a high quantity for each of the items from the list and hide that element from the students.
It would need some implementation work and perhaps a bit of styling/design to get it right. Would you be able to open up a ticket on our portal so we can take it from there?



Thanks Peter,
on that basis I’ve jumped in to tweak the template myself and advised the customers appropriately.

Kind Regards, Gareth