One item with multiple values in filtered search in PAM?

How can we have one item using multiple values for a customer field, in filtered search? How do we put that data into PAM?

Custom Filtered Search Field is “Color”.
Item X is both the “red” and “blue”.

How do we do that in PAM?

Hi Frank,

You can enter multiple values in one field in PAM separating them with a comma.


Hi Frank,

You’ll also need to enable the option “Split values in fields for filtered search using delimiter”, which is available on beta and alpha. The default separator is a semi-colon (;). It can be changed to a comma in the option if you’d like.


Do you know when this feature will be available on stable version?


Hi Damien,

We’re planning a merge to v5 from beta in the next few weeks. We’re just making sure that we’ve squashed as many beta bugs as possible before doing so! The current beta version adds a lot of new functionality and we will update the features list post appropriately.

As always, the transition will be automatic and seamless. I would look for it by end of April at the latest. If you’d like to click the “Tracking” button at the end of this post, you’ll get notified when that happens:

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