Including a virtual keyboard on your store

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Virtual Keyboard

If you deal with non-roman alphabets on your web store and want to allow shoppers to be able to enter values into text input boxes then this option will help you.

By enabling this option then giving the relevant input fields a class of “keyboardInput” you will cause a virtual (screen) keyboard to pop up whenever the user selects an input box.

The keyboard has a drop down allowing the user to select the alphabet of their choice.

To Enable

Enabling this virtual keyboardis a two step process.

Firstly Enable Virtual Keyboard in the WSM

Secondly give your input a class

Once you have enabled the WSM option you need to apply the class “keyboardInput” to the input field you want the keyboard to appear in. This can be done with jQuery or, for forms created in the WSM, by simply adding the class name “keyboardInput” to the field in question.

Keyboard Layout

The keyboard displayed will depend on the lang attribute of the field. By filling in the Field Language in the form builder you can get the keyboard of your choice to appear. The default keyboard is US international.

  1. Layout : Language Code
  2. Hebrew : he
  3. Arabic : ar
  4. Greek : el
  5. Spanish: es
  6. Hindi : hi
  7. Russian : ru
  8. United Kingdom : en-gb
  9. Yiddish : yi