Gratuity/Tip at Checkout

Is there any way to give customer the option of a gratuity at checkout for our delivery drivers? This is a function on Amazon, Drizly, MiniBar, and many other services, yet I am unable to come up with a way to do this on NitroSell. Is there a way to just add a tip line?

This feature would probably meet that requirement: Charity Panel on the Checkout

Let us know if you need help configuring it!

I have looked at the Charity option. As I understand it, though, we would have to specifically list amounts for the gratuity such as $5, $7.50, $9, etc. There is no way for a customer to input their desired gratuity. As you can see, giving a whole list of options like this would be very cumbersome.Especially since there would likely be very different gratuity amounts for an order that was $200 vs one that was only $25

I see.

I understand you have raised this issue with Mike Rosa already. He’ll be in touch regarding next steps.

Thank you for the response. I did not know if you were on the development/programming side. I was also wondering if anyone else in the forum had come up with a solution.

No worries at all! Mike will be in touch :slight_smile: